Thursday, May 24, 7:00 P.M. Waterman's Theater, North Haven,
Maine. Rocking originals with the Mighty NH Band $5 suggested
donation. fmi

Friday, July 8, 5-7p.m Music at the Market waterfront concert
series in Richmond at the Farmers Market.

Sunday, July 8 6-8 p.m. Waterfront Concert with the Might Nat
Hussey Band- Nat, Andy Chipman, Jeff Chipman and Alfred Lund.
Thank you for being willing to play for us. You were a big hit!
Thank you,


Thanks again for the great music last week, it was a lot of fun.


Having Nat play at our celebration was like having another member of the family. He
fed off the energy of the party and did a brilliant job at taking the temperature of the
crowd and letting that guide him as well. Above all, he was an absolute professional in
managing every aspect of the event from our first conversation to the last dance. Nat
was an absolute pleasure to work with and we'd love to have him play at our next

Thanks again...!


YOU GUYS ROCKED!! Thanks to playing at our reception, we were delighted and
everyone loved your music! Thanks so much. See you soon.


The world may never know, but I think that you have probably had some of your
greatest music moments right in your or my living room or kitchen or maybe even the
back yard.

Nat, thanks again for a great time last night!  Everyone really enjoyed the band, and
as always you guys sounded AWESOME!!!!!!(understatement!)....
What a wonderful time on Thursday!!!!  You were great!!!!  I need MORE CD's  

Subject: fantastic!!!

the band rocked man! the closest thing to elvis I'll ever see. No. really.  

Just wanted to tell you it was awesome.  

A short note to say that I enjoyed hearing your band on Saturday. Keep up the good
writing and good music...........

Sometimes it  is hard to start the day out, as people are not yet in the mood.  
However,  everyone said that you were great...  

Hey, Nat. The party was a great success. I haven't danced that much in a long time. It
was really fun. I hope that you had as good a time playing.

hi- oh great musician....I am still high from was nothing short of perfect!


Brian g. was very pleased with our part of the show on Saturday, he said we  

sounded great, And, Nat, Brian totally RAVED about your acoustic  

guitar work, he thinks that is a great part of the band sound. So there!!


hi -- my children and I have been listening to you CD and we are loving it!  

We really like the knitting song, 40-Watt life and the blueberries for  

breakfast song.  My son, who is 20 mos. loves dancing to your CD!