Nat Hussey
33 South Road
Matinicus, ME 04851
(207) 366-3084

Some about Nat

A Maine native, I tell my story plus lots of made-up stuff about
Maine through folk, rock and blues tunes. I write of haunted
beaches, cheap thrills and the human spirit. I began on electric
guitar around the same time as I was learning how to chuck hay
bales and fix fences in Bowdoinham.

After many more years of outdoor labor, indoor education, countless
bar gigs and a misbegotten 10 year stint litigating cases on behalf of
indigent clients, I turned to writing down the songs that had been
sifting out of these life experiences.

In  2006, my family and I moved to Matinicus Island in Penobscot
Bay. I work on a lobster boat and in the one room elementary and
middle school. Matinicus provides endless inspiration for songs with
it's natural beauty, adversity and unique inhabitants.

Now on my 5th self-released studio recording, I appear at clubs,
colleges, festivals and events throughout Maine. And I have a pretty
good time at it.  My CD, Seaglass, features songs of the land and
people of Maine's coast, islands and the Penobscot Bay region. The
tunes evoke David Mallett, David Bromberg and Little Feat, but also
a unique sense of place, people and weather from the Maine coast