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Band email
HAPPY Spring-Summer, 2019

Upcoming Dates:
une 20 -Hydeout at the Wharf, Hallowell with Tim Myers
        and Sherwood Olin 8-12    Rockin'!    

June 22- Lake Pem
aquid Campground- Full Band!!! 7-10p
July 26- 6-9p Oxbow Brewing, Newcastle with Tim Myers
September 25-28 aboard the Victory Chimes sailing out of
Rockland- many sets, songwriting chats, informal workshops and
merriments. www.vistorychimes.com

And summer Saturdays with the Hardshells -Dennis Young, Derek
Webber, Erik Waterman at the Steamboat Wharf, Matinicus.
Nothing else like it!
Happy Spring!
Recording is done,
boat is being
groomed for another
season. Life is
The Tunes:

Where the Map is Mostly Blue
Don't Wait Until You're Ready
Compass Rose
Around the Corner on 2 Wheels
Partner in Crime
Strap a Yo Dress
Fool Moon Tide
Love is a Teardrop
Lizards and Windchimes
Since I Found You
One Day More